Are You Stuck In The Perfectionist TRAP?


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By Ramon David

Perfectionism is holding you back!

How do I know?

I once spent weeks preparing to create the "perfect" online product.

Drove 1000 miles looking for the perfect location to film.

Spent 3 days on location getting set up and waiting for the perfect time of the day for lighting.

Carted 200lbs of equipment on to a remote beach (that was spectacular by the way) to get the perfect shot. (and dragged my dad along as my cameraman)

Pushed for 2 very long days of filming.

I thought it was going to be perfect!

And in the end we scrapped the project. But even if we didn't, do you think anyone would have really cared about any of that?!

So yes, I've been at the extreme end of "perfectionism" - and it cost me, big!

What's it costing you?

Do you ever say to yourself...

I need to wait because of this thing, or I'm just waiting on X first before I do it. Or…

When this other thing happens, then I'll start. Or…

It has to be this way or that way, or it has to look a certain way before I’m ready.

Or any of the other BS you tell yourself that prevents you from taking action?

If you're delaying action for any reason, or you’ve convinced yourself that what you’re creating isn’t ready, or good enough, or you’re attached to having it be a perfect representation of what’s in your mind... you've fallen into the perfectionist trap.

“Perfection” holds us back. It slows us down. It’s a trap we create, a construction in our mind, an expectation that’s been set based on... you ready for it?

It’s based on what we’ve seen others do, achieve, accomplish, or create!

Perfectionism is comparison in disguise!

It’s a standard we’ve set based on what we’ve seen others do. And it’s like a deadly virus that keeps us locked in our house, never to see the true beauty of the outside world.

Perfectionism is not about producing good quality work, or showing up as our best. The very definition of perfectionism is “refusal to accept any standard short of perfection”.

Perfect for who? You? Your clients? Your industry? The world?

Perfection means “the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects”.

Dude, we’re human beings, not robots!

Some might say “yeah Ramon but I want to produce my best quality work”. But if you never actually produce anything because you’re always “waiting for the perfect conditions”, how do you even know if it’s any good?

So, how do we get out of this trap? By focusing on progress, NOT perfection!

Progress > Perfection

If we see every video we shoot, article we write, or sales interaction as just another "practice session" on the journey towards mastering our craft, we not only progress much faster but we begin to enjoy it more as our level of skill rises to meet the level of challenge - and we enter the blissful state known as flow. 

The key here is that this is about your journey, your progress, your experience. Not a comparison to someone else’s.

Every time I write, shoot a video, create a product or deliver training, I tell myself it’s just another opportunity to practice, and then I can focus on being in the moment more, being more creative, having more fun with it and seeing what magic will spontaneously come out.

Look, perfectionism is a disease.

Comparison is killing our creativity and contribution.

Make a commitment, starting today, that whatever it is that you’ve been holding off on, that you’ve delayed until the “perfect conditions” or the “right time” or to get it “just right”, make a commitment that whatever it is, to do it today!

Doesn’t matter what it is. Doesn’t matter how it turns out. This is about practicing the skill of taking action, of progressing, and getting out of the perfectionist trap.

What are you waiting for?

Get out there, and be great!
- Ramon

Thanks for reading!

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